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Configuring the connection to the eduroam network on Android

To use the eduroam network, you need a computer / mobile device with a wireless network card that supports one of the standards: 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n or 802.11ac and an operating system that supports the 802.1x standard supporting WPA2 authentication and AES encryption.

  1. Before proceeding with the configuration, upload the CA certificate installation manual
  2. In the mobile device, we select the Wi-Fi setting option, and then select the eduroam network from the list of available wireless networks
  3. In the displayed wireless configuration settings window fill in the fields:

    • EAP method: PEAP
    • Authentication Stage 2: MSCHAPv2, in some configurators, to change this option, click "Advanced"
    • CA certificate: select the certificate issued at the first point. This field may be left blank, but for security reasons we strongly recommend you install the certificate.
    • Enter username and password
      • The username is displayed after logging in to the portal eduroam.pcz.pl
      • Enter the password provided when activating access to the eduroam network or after resetting it in the portal eduroam.pcz.pl
      Note! Be careful of white space (e.g. space), which are sometimes appended to the end of the text you type.
    • If the configurator requires a domain, please type: pcz.pl
  4. Click "Connect"
  5. If all the activities have been carried out correctly, we obtain a properly working connection to the eduroam network
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