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The Częstochowa University of Technology offers a wireless Internet access service as part of the European eduroam project. It can be used by all employees and students of the Częstochowa University of Technology and people from other universities and institutions participating in the eduroam project. First, familiarize yourself with the basic information about the eduroam network, and then activate access.

NOTE: Due to personal data protection, you cannot log into the eduroam network using a PESEL number. You must activate access with the new ID.

Activating access to eduroam

In the cloud.pionier.net.pl cloud services portal there is the "eduroam" tab in which you can activate access to the wireless network and change the password. To log in to cloud services, an active account in the USOSweb system of the Czestochowa University of Technology with a valid email address is required.

In order to create an account, you should select Politechnika Częstochowska from the list as below:

federation list

In the presented form you should provide your USOSweb credentials:


After successfully authorization in USOSweb you will be prompted to give an acceptance for providing to cloud services some attributes from USOSweb, such as:
- name
- displayed name
- Affiliation [student or employee]
- email
- first name
- last name

This acceptance will be valid :
1.) Till another logon attempt
2.) Only when attributes that I have accepted will changed
3.) Always - acceptance to provide all data to each service


Successfully authorization in USOSweb and acceptance of giving some attributes will lead to final form of registration in cloud services.

In this form you will provide the login you preffer - this is required for purpouse of serving cloud services and providing eduroam network access.
In case that login you wish to use is unavailable (it is used by someone else), system will inform you in this.

There is of course one checkbox to confirm of acceptance of regulations for cloud services. This is an neccessary step before you click "Confirm" button.


On the cloud services portal there is a section Eduroam on where you should be able to click the link as below


On the next form you will set you password for eduroam account. Password MUST fulfill following rules:
- minimum length: 8 characters
- password must contain characters from a-z, A-Z, 0-9 and at least one of special chars: ,.!@#$%^&*

First text box shows your full eduroam login - this attribute is immutable.


When everything goes well, you should see details as below (where you can reset your password if necessary):


These details are explained in the section below "Connection parameters for employees and students of the Czestochowa University of Technology"

Connection parameters for employees and students of the Czestochowa University of Technology

network nameeduroam
securityWPA2 Enterprise, CCMP/AES
authentication methodEAP-PEAP
authentication (phase 2)MSCHAPv2
username / identity[LOGIN]@pracownik.pcz.pl
passwordgiven when activating the eduroam account or after resetting
root certificatedownload (.CRT), download (.CER)

Installation and configuration

NOTE: In case of connection problems, it is good practice to delete the eduroam wireless profile and repeat the configuration by the automatic installer or manual procedure. If you still can't connect, please contact us by email, phone or in person. We will try to help you effectively.

About eduroam

eduroam (EDUcation ROAMing) is an international project whose goal is to provide wireless connectivity within the scientific community.

Eduroam's operation consists in enabling wireless (or optionally wired) Internet access for employees and students of all institutions associated in the project. Access can be implemented both within the parent unit and outside of it - in all networks focused in the eduroam project. The service is based on 802.1x access control mechanisms and RADIUS authentication servers operating in each institution attached to eduroam. Authentication can be accomplished by many methods, except that the choice of this method depends on the settings in the home institution and not the institution where the user wants to connect. In addition to authentication, transmission encryption using a one-time session key is automatically performed; such a key is repeatedly exchanged during the session. Based on the authorization data, the user can be qualified to the appropriate security group and given appropriate rights. With this approach, the user in his home institution has greater rights than guests, despite the fact that the configuration parameters remain the same.

The eduroam system allows you to access wireless and wired networks without having to contact local administrators. The institutions participating in the project undertake to comply with the common security policy and to trust the information provided from other institutions included in the system. Typically, a laptop user will gain access to another institution without configuring anything. The settings he uses in his own institution will allow him access anywhere. This does not mean that access is anonymous and uncontrolled, on the contrary, every access to the network is recorded and possible abuse can later be associated with a specific person.

For more information on the eduroam network in Poland and around the world, please visit eduroam.pl and eduroam.org.

Users' responsibility and security policy, regulations

All connections made by eduroam system users are monitored and saved. Any actions inconsistent with applicable law (including attempts to violate security systems or downloading illegal content) are borne solely by the user from whose account the connection was made. The eduroam system logs can be the basis for initiating criminal proceedings against a user violating the law. Therefore, it is important not to disclose your login and password to other people and not to download any content that is copyright / patent / proprietary from the Internet. The eduroam regulations are available here.


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